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Retail & Office Roofing

Strip malls, office buildings, shopping centers, large malls, mixed-use facilities, restaurants and superstores offer unique challenges for professional roofers and retail property owners. A leaking roof can mean huge potential losses to inventory as well as a danger to customers and employees. In addition, certain types of businesses may cause more than normal wear and tear to roofing materials. Chemicals from dry cleaners or exhaust from restaurants can be extremely hard on roofs. Global Roofing Group provides roof repair and routine maintenance, as well as roof inspections, which can extend the life and reduce overall maintenance to retail roofing.

Retail Roofing Material Options
Retail establishment use all types of architecture and can there utilize any and all the roofing material types. Each type of material has its advantages and disadvantages. Ideally, property owners should consult a professional roofer to help decide what type of material works best for their property. This is especially true for businesses whose day-to-day operations cause more than normal wear and tear of roofing materials.

Minimize Business Disruptions

Global Roofing Group has 40 years of experience helping retail property owners minimize business disruptions. We think about the issue of convenience when making repairs including customer safety and parking lot access. In addition, we guarantee quick response times, including a 24-Hour Emergency Service and timely repairs using the highest quality materials. However, we strongly recommend that proper roof maintenance can avoid property loss and unhappy customers. We offer a variety of flexible maintenance contracts and schedules. In addition, Global Roofing Group offers a no-cost evaluation to review maintenance or repair needs.

Our Professional Track Record

Global Roofing Group is proud of its professional track record working with large retail organizations including: CityScape (Downtown Phoenix), Paradise Valley Corporate Center, Southern Wine, Symphony Hall and many more. Because we are used to working with large companies with large roofing areas, we can mobilize quickly and provide needed materials at a moment’s notice — a challenge that smaller roofing companies may not be able to meet.

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