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Setting the Standard: How Global Roofing Group Became the 1st VPP Accredited Roofing Contractor in the State of Arizona

IN AN INDUSTRY where safety and excellence go hand in hand, one roofing contractor has taken a remarkable step forward. By becoming the first Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) accredited roofing contractor in their state, they have set a new standard for safety, professionalism, and commitment to their employees. In this article, we delve into the Inspiring journey of this pioneering contractor and highlight the significance of their achievement. 


For Global Roofing Group (GRG), safety was never an afterthought but a core value from day one. Recognizing the inherent risks involved in their line of work, they made a conscious decision to prioritize the well-being of their employees. The VPP offered a perfect avenue to formalize their safety initiatives and establish themselves as leaders in the industry. 


The journey to VPP accreditation is not an easy one, and GRG understood the challenges ahead of them. They embraced the process with determination and enthusiasm, working closely with their workforce to implement safety programs, policies, and training that met or exceeded the VPP's stringent criteria. By fostering a culture of collaboration and active employee participation, they set themselves apart as a contractor that truly valued the input and safety of every team member. 


Achieving VPP accreditation requires more than individual effort -- it requires partnerships and support from various stakeholders. GRG actively sought collaboration with industry organizations, safety consultants, and government agencies to ensure their processes aligned with industry best practices. They utilized resources and expertise available through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to enhance their safety measures. They collaborated with their state OSHA office and respective roofing competitors in the Roofer's Alliance, a coalition created by ADOSH for all of the competitive roofing companies in the state to come together and share what works to ultimately make the roofing industry safer in Arizona. By building these alliances, they not only strengthened their own safety practices but also contributed to the collective improvement of the roofing industry in their state. Now with their accreditation, GRG plans to sponsor other contractors to help them to achieve the same status. 


Becoming the first VPP-accredited roofing contractor in their state has elevated GRG to a new level of distinction. They set the bar higher for their competitors and inspired others in the industry to follow it. Through their accomplishment, they showcased the importance of safety as an integral part of roofing operations and demonstrated that achieving VPP accreditation was both attainable and worthwhile. 


The benefits of VPP accreditation extend far beyond mere recognition. By implementing robust safety measures, GRG experienced a reduction in accidents, injuries, and workers' compensation claims. Their employees felt a greater sense of security and pride in their workplace, leading to increased productivity and job satisfaction. The accreditation also opened doors to new opportunities, as clients recognized the contractor's commitment to safety and quality. Moreover, the company's achievement contributed to raising the overall safety standards within the state's roofing industry.


By blazing a trail and becoming the first VPP-accredited roofing contractor in their state, GRG became an inspiration for others. Their success story inspired fellow contractors to invest in safety, fostering a positive ripple effect throughout the industry. Their achievement underscored the importance of prioritizing employee well-being and showcased the transformative power of the VPP in creating safer work environments.

Becoming the first VPP-accredited roofing contractor in their state was a significant milestone for Global Roofing Group. Their unwavering commitment to safety, their dedicated workforce, and their collaboration with industry stakeholders propelled them to this remarkable achievement. By setting new standards, Global Roofing Group demonstrated that safety and excellence are not mutually exclusive and rather go hand in hand. As others in the industry follow in their footsteps, this roofing contractor's legacy will continue to shape a safer and more respected roofing community in their state, region, and hopefully the country.

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