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Global Roofing Group Upgrades Technology to Provide Superior Customer Experience

Global Roofing Group's professionals have always been on the cutting edge of new developments in our industry — new products, new roofing techniques, adopting aerial photography for inspections and so much more. However, as you might expect from a bunch of folks in trade, who prefer hammers to high-tech toys, our office procedures lagged behind the times. Our tracking systems, among other things, just weren’t keeping up with the rest of our advances. That’s why we bit the bullet (or maybe we should say, bit the nail), and tackled the big learning curve to implement a new mobile application platform that is going to make our clients VERY happy and our processes run much more smoothly.

The new system shifts everything from a largely paper-based system to a digital, cloud-based operation. We are able to manage bulk data, eliminate cost overruns, manage resources more efficiently, simplify our operations as well as our supply chains, and allow real-time collaboration. Specifically, the app reduces wait time and facilitates real-time collaboration of engineers, field inspectors, and foremen across many organizations. In short, they can all be online at the same time from their cell phones to work on projects, find solutions and work through hiccups.

The new app is especially attractive for large commercial and industrial projects — projects that may have manpower spread out over different cities or even in different states. The app has also changed the way Global Roofing Group inspects time and material tracking, addresses security breaches, as well as productivity measurement and incident reporting.

Global Roofing Group President, Richard J. Radobenko, said, “We wanted to digitally eliminate the roadblocks for our clients with the intelligent use of technology. We already see how this new digital app is catalyzing our efficiency and scalability and is transforming our business to meet the challenges of even larger clients. We are proud to adopt this innovative approach to provide a superior customer experience to our clients, large or small.”

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