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Roof Maintenance After The Storm - Phoenix, AZ

Monsoon Season in Phoenix can bring extreme weather conditions, including high winds, hail, heavy rains and, of course, the epic dust storm that blanketed the entire valley. October will mark the one-year anniversary of the massive hail storm that hit most of the Phoenix Metropolitan area — a storm that has caused $3.5 billion dollars in damage and still counting since damage is still being discovered and repaired. Mother Nature’s elements, including the extreme heat of summer, can add up to cause severe damage to roofs all over the Southwest and particularly in the Phoenix area.

Now that the season of heat and storms is coming to an end, there are some simple roof maintenance activities every homeowner and business owner should perform before the winter rains arrive. Simple repairs now can prevent costly damage from the winter storms and rain.

General Maintenance Tips
Perhaps the most important item homeowners and business owners should understand is that just walking on a roof can cause damage, and can be dangerous for people not accustomed to heights. It is best to use a pair of binoculars to examine sloped roofs for monsoon damage. A roofing professional is recommended for roofs with parapet walls that prevent a clear view from the ground.

Here are some things to look for:

Finally, summer rains encourage native and non-native trees to add plenty of growth. Overhanging branches can scour against roof surfaces, and especially on asphalt surface, scrape away the protective granules. Take the time to trim tree limbs that are dangerously close to the roof to prevent future damage.

If homeowners or business owners discover cause for concern or are uncomfortable checking the roof for damage, they should call in a licensed, bonded and insured professional roofer to catch or repair damage before it becomes a major problem.

This article provided courtesy of Global Roofing Group, licensed, bonded and insured roofers serving the Phoenix area for over 40 years.

About Global Roofing Group
With 40 years in the roofing business, the professionals at Global Roofing Group have decades of combined experience working on all types of roofs, both commercial and residential. The company is licensed, bonded, and insured to conduct business in Arizona, Nevada, California, New Mexico and Texas.

Global Roofing Group can handle everything from residential to large commercial projects, including noteworthy high-profile projects like The Westin Kierland Hotel and Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona, The Orleans Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, and The Carlsbad Caverns National Park in Southern, New Mexico, to name just a few. Currently, Global Roofing Group is completing the Unisource Mid-rise roof in downtown Tucson — the first mid-rise/highrise built in 20 years in Tuscon. The company is also working to complete the Casino Del Sol Roof in Tucson.

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